A Peaceable Wisdom for Love: The Essentials of Societal Needs for Sustainable Development

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We must actively seek to prevent the abuse of social media to promote the culture of racism, hate and intolerance. Sri Lanka supports and encourages the role of the media as public interest platform that seeks to turn the spotlight on prejudice. We must encourage a culture of mutual understanding and interfaith dialogue in order to empower moderate voices to take center stage.

In conclusion the effort of promoting peace requires stronger joint efforts by the international community through partnerships and multi stakeholder support, especially at a time when fear and fear mongering, radicalization, terrorism and violent extremism threaten our societies. Sri Lanka remains committed to its continued engagement in this common endeavor.

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Leadership without easy answers. Civil wars in Africa: Roots and resolutions. There is only one way of freedom and that is by shutting one's eyes and heart to all these things which distract the mind. Such a chaste and holy life Ubuntu […] speaks of the very essence of being human. Having penetrated and captured all significant centres of power and information at the global level, dogmatic materialism ensured that no competing voices would retain the ability to challenge projects of world wide economic exploitation.

Thank you. Summit of Parliamentarians. Sustainable Development Goals.

The Essentials of Societal Needs for Sustainable Development

There can be no development without peace and there can be no peace without development. For nearly three decades, Sri Lanka was unable to fulfill her true potential because our preoccupation was addressing violent conflict that tore at the very fabric of our nation. All our resources were drained to combat terrorism and violent conflict, when these resources should have been used for human development.

racascugigott.ml In order to prevent violent conflict the global community must focus on human development. We have seen that those most susceptible to the false ideologies and hate speech of violent groups, are those who are most desperate, due to poverty, lack of opportunity and no foreseeable means for upward mobility. We must approach development at local, national, regional, and international levels and construct peace-building structures in new and innovative ways.

Visions for the future cannot be imposed on the people by an elite few; they must be shared and owned by all citizens.

Achieving open, peaceful, just and inclusive societies:. We in Sri Lanka have recognized the clear linkage between sustainable development and rule of law and good governance. Comprehensive constitutional reforms that are envisaged, including the incorporation of a Bill of Rights, will further consolidate good governance and Rule of Law in Sri Lanka. This is inextricably connected to the promotion of effective, accountable and transparent institutions at all levels.

After nearly thirty years of violent conflict, Sri Lanka has been able to embark on a journey towards accountability, reconciliation and a lasting peace. It is important to ensure that the main Institutions of the Executive, such as the Public Service and the Police remain independent, as well as the Judiciary. These are the fundamentals for creating an open society.

Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal 16 in Sri Lanka, must be seen in the context of the post-conflict reconciliation in the country. In this regard I would like to flag four points. First, consensus is important. In the context of post-conflict Sri Lanka, the formation of the National Unity Government, was essential in obtaining the bipartisan consensus necessary to face the challenges of peace building and Constitution reform.

Second, it is vital to positively engage with the global community and the United Nations. This raises the morale of the country and its people and closes the space for extremists to interfere with legitimate peace initiatives of a moderate government. In order to build open, peaceful, just and inclusive societies it would be imperative to include women, youth, children, people with disabilities, and in particular minorities and groups in vulnerable situations.

This inclusivity is enshrined in our post-conflict reconciliation process. The world has recognized the importance of involving women in conflict prevention and peace building efforts. Development investments are needed to ensure that youth are provided more opportunities to contribute as a positive force for the reduction of violent conflict and the building of peaceful societies?

Therefore the kind of development investments we make must be mainly at local levels. Improving schools, providing skill sets that will ensure a reasonable wage through vocational training institutions, providing career guidance and opportunity based seminars and interactive discussions, providing counseling to those youths in the former conflict areas, are just some of the ways we can address these issues.

It is also important to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, which can sometimes be difficult to do in traditional societies. If we are to promote the Culture of Peace we must begin with our youth and in our schools. It is in this context, that Childhood Development becomes an imperative part of the conversation, in the path to peace and reconciliation that Sri Lanka now boldly treads.

With regard to the understanding of mind, the Buddha in His wisdom said that;. The reason behind that is the failure to understand the reality in the world. Thank you very much. Welcome Address. High-level Summit of Parliamentarians on the Role of Parliaments for. On behalf of the Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka, a cosponsor of this event at the Summit of Parliamentarians, I wish to extend a very warm welcome to you, and wish the deliberations on the role of Parliamentarians on implementing the United Nations Resolutions on aCulture of Peace all success, by way of achieving the objectives that are before you.

The phenomenon of violent extremism with its linkages to terrorism, as we are all aware, is spreading with alarming speed across the global order. Itscross-frontier character demandsa collective global response. To ensure the sustenance of whatever is functional, it must begin with the family and be accompanied by monitoring and evaluation. As mentioned before, no strategic theory for social change is complete or satisfactory without recourse to human behaviour Burrowes The national actors under this track are: 1 The ministry of education who should design compulsory national curriculums that foster holistic development focusing on leadership and value education.

Ethics and spirituality, rooted in Ubuntu that values the community, humanness and wellbeing of every person, are major interventions in the leadership crisis and nation building Bhindi and Duignan Spirituality rooted in respect and love for the other, alongside trust, authenticity, humility and peace among others will liberate the country. The major actors at this level are, firstly, the leaders in 1 the cultural, 2 religious and 3 community spheres.

These leaders bear social and religious responsibilities, and they need to guide society according to social and religious principles. Ugandans adhere to either African traditions or modern religions or both, which could be used as an avenue to rebuild the nation. Rootedness in a genuine spirituality leads to integrity, care and generosity, which are fundamentals in Ubuntu. Leaders have the responsibility to denounce malpractices of corrupt political leaders. For example, Bishop Desmond Tutu contributes greatly to the liberation and rebuilding of South Africa and he could be a model for others.

At the international level, Global Elders, a group of 12 wise men and women, would offer expertise and guidance to political and religious leaders Telegraph Democracy and diplomacy are peaceful processes for nation building where there is legitimate power derived from free and fair elections Diamond and McDonald It is important to have functional checks and balances on political leaders.

In this process, the implementation of governmental laws and policies is fundamental to political leadership. The national actors in this track are: 1 A critical mass of citizens, empowered through political and civic education. The ministry would design an agenda for peace, establish and support activities that promote a culture of peace, be assertive about non-violence, spearhead civic education, coordinate plans for national reconciliation, and design strategies to prevent violent conflicts.

At the international level the major actors include: 1 The African Union, to strengthen its peer review mechanism, renounce leaders who assume power undemocratically including those who commit electoral fraud, and reinforce ethical leadership, insisting on the resignation of political leaders who fail to abide by the ethical code.

At the national level, corruption should be curbed by dismissing and imprisoning corrupt officials and compelling them to return the embezzled funds with interest. Structural transformation that fosters human security and social justice is needed to change the entire system of processes, policies, institutions and structures that provide for human needs and to build an economically stable citizenry Botes ; Burrowes ; Burton Actors at the national level are: 1 The government, who could bridge inequality gaps and ensure changes in the decision-making processes which concentrate power and resources in the minority of elites and constrain the majority.

At the international level the actors would include: 1 the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organisation — all of which could challenge bad governance and assist in punishing corrupt political leaders.

It is important to elect peace lovers into leadership, peace education and national reconciliation positions. The national actors are: 1 The ministry of peace, established to develop a comprehensive paradigm for sustainable peace across the country, by supporting activities for promoting a culture of peace thorough ethical leadership. It would also design processes and systemic responses for reconciliation and reconstruction where political animosity has caused conflicts and citizens need to be trained in ethical leadership and peace.

Actors at the international level are: 1 The International Criminal Court, who could empower the structures of the African Union and nations in ethical leadership. Money spent on convicting African tyrants could be used to better the infrastructures of health and education. Lack of ethical political leadership is holding Africa back. Strengthening ethical political leadership is key to rebuilding Africa as a powerful engine, given her natural resources and human capital.

The strength of psychology, economics, ethics, spirituality, politics, peace and social sciences would complement Ubuntu to achieve the desired goal.

The enormity of the problem requires the involvement of stakeholders at the national and international levels. The involvement of women and children is critical to ensure the inculcation of Ubuntuism and leadership in future generations. Research, education and praxis are crucial to consistently envision, monitor and evaluate interventions in the crisis.

A framework should be established and leadership transformation should be implemented. National and international actors need to network in dealing with those who are in leadership positions and at the same time prepare the youth to become good leaders. While all interventions are important, building a culture of peace is the foundation of ethical political leadership.

Such a culture will open the way to electing peaceful people into leadership positions. I believe that the journey of liberating Africa lies in ethical leadership. Thus, I consider it crucial to establish leadership academies for training present and future leaders. Special attention needs to be given to parents and educators who socialise children at a tender age.

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I am optimistic about the prospects of an Africa with strengthened ethical leadership. If the youth are trained in Ubuntu philosophy to value and prioritise every person in our nations, they will become responsible, democratic, and even revolutionary leaders who will spearhead ethical leadership and governance for sustainable peace and social justice. By Evelyn Mayanja. Introduction The deficit and crisis of ethical 1 political leadership pose enormous challenges to Africa.

Political leadership ethics: Ubuntu approach Ethics comprises principles and concepts that guide humans between right and harmful behaviours Paul and Elder Social psychology Steinberg asserts that there is a relationship between personality and leadership. As a leader, in accordance with Ubuntu that values every person, he strove to unite and to empower South Africans as he declared: I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. Ethics and spirituality Political leadership in Africa will be served well by leaders with a sound spirituality marked by ethical principles and behaviour.

Peace and Harmony as the Choice for Mankind(2012)

Politics and power According to Kenneth E. Socio-economics The leadership crisis will be transformed if the economy empowers the vulnerable. Peace While the entire peace theory is fundamental to leadership, this section underscores three elements: 1 the necessity of electing individuals who are on the side of peace, 2 the cultivation of a peace culture through education, and 3 national reconciliation.