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For this reason, the Egyptian god Horus, who represented Azazel, is called the traverser of the two earths See The Origin and Evolution of Freemasonry by Albert Churchward as well as Horus of the two horizons in reference to these two earths [Authors Note: There is a pre-Inca mythology which holds their gods had come from the Pleiades constellation, and the name of the Hindu god Kartikeya translates as Him of the Pleiades. Pertinent Quote: If flying saucers actually exist as extraterrestrial spaceships, then the Pleiades might deserve a place high on the list of possible origins.

Keel, A. While certain materials may be found to overlap, each book is designed as a unique, stand-alone informative body of material. Chapter 2. The Mysteries of Azazel Many supposed mythological traditions of ancient Greece have been demonstrated to have had a foundation in fact and history; and we may assume that such is possibly the case to a far greater extent than has yet been proven, and that this applies to the traditions of other localities and people as well - Solar Biology by Hiram E.

Butler, A. Azazel and his angels have been worshipped as gods by mankind here on Earth ever since their arrival thereupon.

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Vulcan, one such name under which the Romans knew the angel Azazel, was worshipped in subterranean volcanic caves on the Aegean island of Hephaestus an island so named after one of the Greek titles for Azazel, the god of metalworking, arms and armor in deference to Azazels entrapment within the earth. Azazels entrapment within his cherub within the earth is also memorialized in the story of Typhon, a god who represents Azazels cherub Behemoth, being entrapped by Zeus who was said to have crushed him with a mountain, an act representative of the comet strike which imprisoned Azazel in his cherub beneath the earth.

It must be noted the word Typhon is an anagram of the word python, the name for a genus of snakes found in Africa and Asia. This is in deference to the general location of the Genesis serpent Azazels entombment within the earth. In the Etruscan religious belief system, the mani Latin: manes are the divine souls of ancestors to whom they believed they were descendedthe Romans as previously noted traced their lineage from these angelic gods as well who were said to be located in an underworld called Aita a cognate of the word Amenti.


Indeed, such cthonic legends are present in nearly every ancient culture and religious system. According to Freemasonic and Qabbalistic legends, themselves based upon such ancient Mystery religions, Hiram, the builder of Solomons Temple was said to have plunged through the Molten Sea right into the center of the Earth where at that time dwelt someone said to be the first worker in metals.

This legend is in deference to the The Molten Sea, the brazen laver of the Mosaic ritual, was a major architectural element in King Solomons Temple See 1Kings , it representing the place of Azazels interment within the Earth. The story of Azazel and his eternally living angels surviving their ordeal being imprisoned within the earth and how they may in fact be contacted is a central theme in the realm of magic.

intoislougil.tk John Dee b. These arts bordered on one side upon philosophy, mysticism, metallurgy, physics and astronomy, and on the other upon pure magic. The astrologer undoubtedly knew a great deal about the movements of planets, but he also predicted the futurecast horoscopes, and often invoked spirits. Astronomer Johannes Kepler as well as the stately Galileo were known for casting astrological horoscopes as well as Rene Guenon explains in The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times: the attribution of a separate meaning to the terms astrology and astronomy is of relatively recent origin; among the Greeks both words were employed, without distinguishing between them.

And by It is easy to see how astrology would be of interest to the ruling upper classes of British high society as: A British astrological writer using the pseudonym Astrologus stated in that, from eclipses especially of the Sun , astrologers could safely predict notable events concerning the rise and fall of governments; the foundation or fall of cities, towns or fortificationsthe breach of leagues among princes, the captivity, sorrow or sickness of their miserable subjects; wars, quarrels and tempests; inundations, duels and litigationsreligious controversies, and irreligious persecutions among mankindthe death or destruction of cattle, the infidelity of servants and the treachery of friendsthe decay of navigation and the loss of shipping - Astrology p.

Besides offering up such regally relevant revelations, the astrologers ability to foresee decay of navigation as well as the loss of shipping would as the reader shall later discover also pique the interest of magic-practicing Freemasonic members of latter day Naval Intelligence communities.

Magic, however, had long had an association with naval pursuits particularly during the age of the sail as witches typically offered for sale knotted magical chords: The chord was used by witches when they sold winds to the sailors. They would sell one with several knots tied in it, and when a sailor untied a knot, a fresh breeze would spring up. The more knots he untied, the greater the wind would become. Indeed: Witches were supposed to be able to control the weather, especially the wind. They could raise and allay storms and sell favorable winds to sailorsSailors went in special dread of witches, for a witchs curse was sufficient to destroy any ship, whether by raising a storm or by any other means.

Witchcraft in England by Christine Hole, A. Eric Maple in Witchcraft describes the existence of weather wizards who claimed that they can not only bring on storms but can protect the inhabitants from them. Towards this end it was not an uncommon practice for magicians, witches or shamans to serve as members of a ship captains crew. As exemplified in the Biblical book of Jonah, the creation of storms and stormy winds was one of the areas in which God and his angels excelled See Jonah The magic-practicing ceremonial magician Dr.

John Dee was held to be the Father of the Rosicrucian secret society. Dees own personal library including his extensive collection of books on the subject of magic is currently housed in the Bodleian Library founded in A. The grimoire known as the Simon Necronomicon also speaks of the existence of Ancient Ones and of their being imprisoned within the earth according to H.

Lovecraft in his fictional work entitled The Dunwich Horror [ A.

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English Edition]: Lets try to separate truth from fiction. Lovecraft was descended from the Hazard family of Rhode Island. Though invented it may be, it had been based on prevailing beliefs long vetted by the ancient sands of time. The Egyptian god Ra, who also represented one aspect of the angel Azazel Azazel is also known as Azrael for this particular reason , is likewise called the Ancient One Pertinent Quote: It is the Watchers [the fallen angels]that constitute the witchs true deitiesAzael or Azrael Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson, A.

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Dragon Bones: Two Angels Leave at Sunrise (Jules Bailey the Christian Witch Book 2) - Kindle edition by D.A. Winstead. Download it once and read it on your. Dragon Bones: Two Angels Leave at Sunrise (Jules Bailey the Christian Witch Book 2) eBook: D.A. Winstead: zeimurorenou.cf: Kindle Store.

In fact, magic incantations and rituals and the use of magical amulets focus on these beings as protection against them or in hopes of summoning them as servants, as well as soliciting their protection from various assorted harms. Such magic incantations were also found amongst the scrolls known as the Dead Sea Scrolls from the Therapeute Essene community of Qumran. John Dees library of magic books and manuscripts forms the basis of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England, who wrote books on such occult sciences as magic which involves the invocation of these rebellious fallen angels , alchemy and astrology in his time ceremonial magic and astrology went hand in hand.

It must be noted that the Rosicrucian alchemist and ceremonial magician Elias Ashmole, a founding member of the Royal Society, was also a high-degree Freemason in fact, the Royal Society was itself a Freemasonic construct for most of its early members were prominent English Freemasons. The Royal Society is an order modeled on Salomons House, a fictitious society dedicated to the study of the works and creatures of God [specifically for the study of Illuminism as defined as the universal science of light, for and I quote the study of Gods first creature, which was light the creation of which is set forth in Genesis ] and for the finding out of the true nature of all things as The legends concerning the existence of the subterranean angels would most certainly be disseminated amongst the societys august members, likely oweing its very existence to the self-same angels themselves, whom they ritually invoked and with whom they were in contact.

It must also be noted Royal Society members currently sit on British government committees of a scientific nature. The Royal Society of London for the Improvement of Natural Knowledge, known simply as the Royal Society, is a learned society for science, and is possibly the oldest such society in existence.

The Society was initially an extension of the Invisible College Rosicrucianism being the prime motivating factor behind the foundation of the so-called Invisible College itself, it being a Rosicrucian secret society with the founders intending it to be a place of research and discussion. The Society today acts as a scientific advisor to the British government, receiving a parliamentary grant-in-aid. The Society acts as the UKs Academy of Sciences, and funds research fellowships and scientific start-up companiesThe Royal Society started as a group of approximately 12 scientists one might argue 13, the traditional number of witches in a traditional English witches coven , known as the Invisible College, which met at a variety of locations, including the houses of their members and Gresham College whose Divinity School was headed by Thomas Horton, a member of the Worshipful Company of Mercers, the most powerful Masonic livery company in the City of London.

Members at particular times were Dr. The group varied over time, eventually splitting into two distinct factions in due to travel distances; the London Society and the Oxford Society. The early Christian author Tertullian once wrote: philosophers are the patriarchs of heresy. Indeed, The Bible itself in Colossians warns: Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

At any rate, England retained anti-witchcraft laws called Witchcraft Acts which forbade all such magic practices upon its books in one degree or another often mandating the death or imprisonment of the offender from the year A. Isaac Newton is the famous physicist who discovered the law of gravity during his studies at Cambridge U. Robert Fludd had himself graduated from Cambridge Universitys St. Johns College in A.

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The Rosicrucian Dr. Cambridge University, it must be noted, was the leading intellectual center of the [anti-Roman Catholic Church] Puritan movement, the group which would play a major role in the history of the American colonies.

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In later years, members of the British Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia Rosicrucian order would give birth to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn which recruited many of its members from Cambridge Universitys student body. We see to-day remains of ancient works, columns, pyramids, huge artificial mounds. Such things were done by mathematical magic.

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In fact what was then known as natural magic [aka natural philosophy] was the study of what we now know as physics, celestial magic, as mathematics: Agrippas work [Occult Philosophy] is divided into three books; the first book is about natural magic, or magic in the elemental world; the second is about celestial magic; the third is about ceremonial magic. These three divisions correspond to the divisions of philosophy into physics, mathematics, and theology.

Ibid p.