Notes on the Entire Bible-The Book of 1st Timothy (John Wesleys Notes on the Entire Bible 54)

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For all seek their own, not the things which are Jesus Christ's. But ye know the proof of him, that, as a son with the father, he hath served with me in the gospel. Him therefore I hope to send presently, as soon as I shall see how it will go with me. Timothy, this young and slightly timid brother, was one of the few ones to remain faithful to the apostle when he was imprisoned and when many had departed from him.

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When Paul, following his release, visited some of the places he had worked in, he could confidently leave Timothy behind in Ephesus 1 Timothy He transmitted him in his first epistle the God-given instructions on the house of God, the church of the living God 1 Timothy Although he hoped to go to Timothy shortly he probably felt that the Lord had another way for him 1 Timothy These facts as well as the missing hint of an imprisonment prove that the apostle was at liberty. In his second epistle however the apostle mentions several times his imprisonment and this with no prospect of liberation.

On the contrary he knows that his time of departure from this earth is at hand 2 Timothy He has fought the good fight, he has finished the course, he has kept the faith and his view is only up to the Lord who will take him to Himself. The apostle encourages Timothy in his last epistle to fulfil his ministry which he up to now had mostly shared with him. He encouraged him to remain faithful despite the first signs of departure from the truth in the early church 2 Timothy Exactly in Ephesus Paul had proclaimed the whole purpose of God and in his epistle described the great privileges and blessings of the members of the body of Christ. Now he is instructing Timothy who actually stays in Ephesus in his first epistle in relation to the outward order of the church whereas the first epistle to the Corinthians dealt with the inward order of the church.

The truths written in the Epistle to Ephesus not more than three years ago had no need of being repeated 1 Timothy The apostle pre-supposed these truths as known. This is also why the First Epistle to Timothy bears a totally different character from the Epistle to the Ephesians. First Timothy is neither directed to the believers nor to the whole church there but to a servant who had been charged and authorized by the apostle himself. First Timothy therefore is an epistle containing practical instructions for the life of the local churches. In the first chapter Paul puts the sound teaching in contrast to the Law of Moses.

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The second chapter deals with prayer especially prayer of men and with the position of the Christian woman. Chapter three deals with the local charges of elders or overseers and of deacons. In chapter four the apostle prophesies the rise of false teachings and he admonishes Timothy to correct comportment and example. The subject of chapter five is firstly the provision of widows among the believers and then again the ministry of elders.

Finally chapter six describes true godliness as living in devotion to the Lord and is also warning of covetousness. Elders Greek: presbyteros or overseers Greek: episkopos are two words for the same charge or 'office', see Acts ; Acts ; Titus ; Titus Besides the New Testament also mentions the ministry of deacons Greek: diaconos. Read Acts 6. These are all ministries and duties which existed as proper offices among the different assemblies in the beginning. This is why we do not read of any appointing of elders into Jewish-Christian churches, although they existed there as well Acts ; Acts Among the Heathen-Christian churches elders were appointed by apostolic authority Acts ; Titus under the guidance of the Holy Spirit Acts The deacons were elected of the church and then confirmed by the apostles Acts The fact that elders and deacons are mentioned at the heading of an epistle once only Philippians does not point to an exception but more to a normal state of the churches.

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Elders and deacons however needed to prove good and therefore were only appointed after a certain time. In the Post-Apostolic time after the apostles' decease men started to make out that the office of elder was different from the office of overseer. With this the foundation was laid for the hierarchy of offices in the churches.

I renounce my own unworthiness, and vow that You are the Lord, my righteousness. I renounce my own wisdom and take You for my only guide. I renounce my own will and take Your will as my law. Through Your grace I promise that neither life nor death will separate me from You. All Your laws are holy, just, and good. I accept them as the rule for my words, thoughts, and actions, promising I will strive to order my whole life around your direction.

I will not allow myself to neglect anything I know to be my duty. If You find anything false in us, guide us and help us to set it right. And now, glory be to You, God the Father. From this day forward, I shall look upon You as my God and Father.

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Glory be to You, God the Son. You have loved me and washed me from my sins in Your own blood. From this day forward, I shall look upon You as my Savior and Redeemer. By Your almighty power, You have turned my heart from sin to God. From this day forward I shall look upon You as my Comforter and Guide. And I, through Your infinite grace, have become Your covenant servant. You are mine and I am Yours. So be it. May this covenant that I have made here on earth be ratified in heaven.

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Notes on the Entire Bible-The Book of 1st Timothy (John Wesley's Notes on the Entire Bible 54) eBook: John Wesley: Kindle Store. Best notes on the entire bible the book of 1st timothy john wesley s notes on the entire bible 54 ebooks. Get notes on the entire bible the book of 1st timothy john.

May Jesus Christ, who seals the new covenant with his blood on the cross, bring you peace. May the Holy Spirit guide your life both now and for ever. Go in peace to serve the Lord! Though it is not included in the above liturgy, it is very appropriate for the service to end with the celebration of Holy Communion. Likewise, a remembrance of baptism is a fitting ceremony to be included as part of the service. The scripture readings in the service often vary.

The scriptures listed above are some of the readings most commonly done in the service. Here is a list of other possible scripture readings:. Psalm 8 Ecclesiastes Matthew Revelation a Depending on the setting, a sermon or homily may be included as part of the service. This service provides many opportunities for multiple people to be involved in worship leadership. You may choose a lay person or two to lead the liturgy, though it would be best to keep to only one or two standard liturgists for the service excluding the scripture readings. Since the service does contain many elements and transitions, it is highly recommended to practice the service at least once with all who will be involved.

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There are many possible ways of structuring the covenant service. You may choose to follow the service exactly as written in this given liturgy. However, if you wish to include other elements such as a sermon, music, or Holy Communion, a few suggestions of service order are given below for your consideration. Each order may be adapted as is best fitting to the worship context.

Thanks for this resource!! I was looking for something like this to do with my church, and now I have a great outline. Just FYI. Jonathan, thank you so much for this gift! Thank you for this resource.

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And being that this is the first time I will ever do a covenant service I feel confident that we can all connect deeply with God through your words and this structure. Peace, Sarah. Methodists in India do not follow the Covenant service as such, however, British Methodists who joined Church of South India CSI follow Covenant Service as part of their almanac, its an important service with holy communion.

Its heartening that Wesley emphasized it in his Ministry as a renewal of commitment and discipleship. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Share on Facebook. Now confirm this truth in holy covenant. Make it a reality in your life in these three ways: First, set apart time in your day, more than once, to be spent alone with the Lord. This article sheds light on the fact that we cannot fully live into this world if we are not engaging with the world. This way we can be well equipped. Along with this, we should do all of this in context of community.

This community will act as our balance system; meaning we will then be able to know when we have had too much of either side. From this we can conclude that we should always read scripture in the context of community. They are definitely some pit falls to be considered inerrancy etc.

I found this article to be very interesting in a few different ways. First of all, I would like to address the thought behind Wesley being open too more than one book other than the Bible. I, myself am experiencing new writings quite often that carry an immense amount of weight for me. It has been compared tot he writings of Paul and is entirely relevant to today.

I completely agree that the Bible should be read in community and even interpreted in the community. My question, though, is this: What if a man lived in the mountains and had no ability to be in community with someone else to interpret the scriptures? What then? Is his scripture reading less valuable? Does he miss something significant; like salvation? I found it most energizing to think of the bible as our book and every other thing we read as supplemental material. Because scripture is one of the primary ways we can know God, by extension, other material and disciplines can help us better understand scripture.

This creates for me a beautiful picture of what learning and searching for truth ought to look like. I was most intrigued about the section on free will and the Bible, mostly because it is something I have thought a lot about in the past. I liked how there was a point brought up about the authors of scripture and how free will was incorporated within their writings, and how the general thought was yes, they do have free will, but this did not necessarily alter any sort of authority or biblical truth that the Bible had. I loved this article! Mostly for the fact it gets you thinking outside the terms and restraints of the Word and makes you go to other sources.

I believe as Christians we are meant to dialogue with one another, and the way you suggest that is through community.

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The Divine Spirit does not under-value any of these means for keeping our physical health vigorous. Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, Wanted," Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society Now, get a new blank sheet of paper. McLeister, Ira Ford.