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Rich Dad Fundamentals: Other People’s Money (OPM)
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The Truth About Managing Other People’s Money

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Share Tweet Share Share Send. It will also be the central hub for your entire business. Leave a Comment. Turning those units and raising the rent could dramatically increase NOI. You might think that any investment is good.

Almost all successful real estate investors have multiple options for using O. They may not use them on every deal, but in the right situation, it makes perfect sense.

For as many people that swear by O. If you do not have access to your own capital or do not want to use traditional lender options, funding is limited.

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Your only options may be hard and private money lenders. As simple as it sounds, making something on a deal is better than not making anything.

OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY by Louis D. Brandeis - FULL Audio Book - Money, Wealth, Business, Politics

Increased hard money options have pushed rates and fees down considerably. With private money lenders, you can negotiate the best terms and fees that you are both comfortable with.

How to Invest Using Other People’s Money

Whatever the terms are, they give you an entry into the business. Having access to capital allows you to make more offers, and to ultimately have more of those offers accepted. Making a smaller return on numerous deals adds to your bottom line and accelerates the speed in which you can accumulate your own funds.

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If you are using these funds for rehabbing properties, the impact of the interest rate will only be felt for as long as you own the property. In most cases, you can turn a rehab property around in as little as 90 days. There are many investors who have done quite well using traditional lender options.

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However, there are significant restrictions on how quickly you can close, and even if you can get approved. Your local lender does have much lower interest rates, but only if you can take advantage of them. You will also need to document all of your income, and be prepared to wait anywhere from days. Most sellers do not want to deal with a lender financed option.

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If there is a cash offer at a slightly lower price, most would rather accept the sure thing. Additionally, the industry norm allows for a maximum of 10 total loans on your credit report, which includes second mortgages. In recent years, there has been an influx of hard money lenders in most markets. Last decade there were only a handful of these lenders.