How to Improve Your Self-Control
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If you hope to achieve self-discipline, you must have a clear vision of what you hope to accomplish. You must also have an understanding of what success means to you. A clear plan outlines each step you must take in order to reach your goals. Figure out who you are and what you are about. Create a mantra to keep yourself focused. Successful people use this technique to stay on track and establish a clear finish line. And just like any other skill you want to master, it requires daily practice and repetition.

Just like going to the gym, willpower and self-discipline take a lot of work. The effort and focus that self-discipline requires can be draining. As time passes, it can become more and more difficult to keep your willpower in check. The bigger the temptation or decision, the more challenging it can feel to tackle other tasks that also require self-control.

So work on building your self-discipline through daily diligence. Acquiring self-discipline and working to instill a new habit can feel daunting at first, especially if you focus on the entire task at hand.

Why You Lose Self-Control

There are things you can do to learn self-discipline and gain the willpower to live a happier life. Going in with a plan will help give you the mindset and the self-control necessary for the situation. Acknowledge your shortcomings, whatever they may be. Siegel, D. Co-regulation enables small children to develop more mature regulatory skills. The Source of Happiness for an Epicurean.

To avoid feeling intimidated, keep it simple. Break your goal into small, doable steps. Instead of trying to change everything at once, focus on doing one thing consistently and master self-discipline with that goal in mind.

Why Too Much Self-Control Can Be a Bad Thing

Take baby steps. Your self-control is likely weakened in all areas, including diet, exercise, work and relationships. So fuel up with healthy snacks and regular meals to keep yourself in check. According to a study by Stanford University , the amount of willpower a person has is determined by their beliefs.

In short, it may be that our internal conceptions about willpower and self-control determine how much of them we have. If you can remove these subconscious obstacles and truly believe you can do it, then you will give yourself an extra boost of motivation toward making those goals a reality.

What Is Self-Control?

Before you go, tell yourself that instead of diving into a plate of cheese and crackers, you will sip a glass of water and focus on mingling. Going in with a plan will help give you the mindset and the self-control necessary for the situation. You will also save energy by not having to make a sudden decision based on your emotional state. Give yourself something to be excited about by planning a reward when you accomplish your goals.

Just like when you were a little kid and got a treat for good behavior, having something to look forward to gives you the motivation to succeed. So where does the line between too much self-control and a mature personality cross? It depends on the individual. If someone's behaviors work for them in their lives and cause little to no distress, in all likelihood, their personality can account for their actions.

Shuffle dance - Self Control - Laura Branigan Remix

But, if someone's excess of self-control makes their physical, mental, emotional or social life a challenge, they may benefit from seeking a licensed counselor. Someone who lacks self-control is easy to spot. Mostly because they have difficulty committing to a positive behavior or because they do not have the same ability to regulate their feelings or actions that most of their peers do.

Signs of low self-control might look like:. Having little self-control or none at all has a major impact on day-to-day living. Not only is it difficult to build self-confidence, but it is also hard to work with others and make a difference in one's own life. If someone runs into the same barriers over and over again, it is likely their self-control needs some work. Likewise, if they seem to have a general lack of direction or come off as immature to others, self-control might be the cause.

Everyone has different levels of self-control, but most could use a boost to reach a balance between too little and too much. Here are a few tips to get you started on building your self-control, but do not forget to reach out to a licensed mental health professional like those available through Betterhelp , to see even faster results! Remember, there is such a thing as having too much self-control, so if you struggle in this area, skip these tips and contact us today! It is hard to reach maximum potential when it comes to self-control because we trick ourselves into thinking something must be done urgently, must go away or stop immediately. Often, we struggle with self-control because our gut reactions drive us.

Why do we fail at self-control some times but not at others?

Imagine you are driving down the road at high speed, and a slow driver cuts you off. It is your gut reaction that makes you want to honk your horn, scream at them, or worse. To give yourself the best chance at an appropriate reaction, you need to learn to slow your thoughts and fight against your gut impulses. Relaxation is key to this. Meditation, deep breathing, and mindfulness are all excellent ways of practicing relaxation. The more you practice relaxation, the more likely it is you will calmly approach stressful issues and choose thoughtful responses, rather than acting on impulse alone.

Self-control is hard to achieve if you have no direction for your thoughts. For example, if you want to lose 10 pounds, and you know to do so you must skip your nightly dessert, it is helpful to plan how you are going curb your appetite instead of just hoping you will be strong enough when the time comes.

8 Easy Ways To Increase Your Self-Control

Instead of relying on willpower, make a plan for what you will do when tested. Perhaps when you have a craving for a sugary sweet, you can plan to do 15 minutes of yoga or read a chapter of a book instead. Although this seems like a distraction from what you want, choosing another activity until you stop thinking about or craving your dessert will help you build more self-control in the long run. You will eventually learn you can overcome unpleasant feelings and that all desires do not need to be acted on.

Sometimes we lack self-control because we do not have a clear idea of exactly what we want. For example, if it feels like you are going nowhere in your current job, you must first make sure this is not happening because you're unsure of where to go next. When you have a clear goal, it is easier to exercise self-control because you can then make choices that put you in the right direction. That being said, it is important your goal is meaningful to you. Do not make a goal just because someone else or something else pushes you in a certain direction.

Children who are most successful at delaying gratification early in life are more successful academically and socially, and that success is long-lasting.

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Self-regulation is linked with better personal adjustment, such as having fewer physical and psychological problems and having a greater sense of self-acceptance and self-esteem in relationships. Wondering about times that you may be using this strength? Here are a few examples of self-regulation at work in the world. Discover your untapped potential with a research-backed guide to all 24 character strengths.

Includes a bonus four-step program, Strengths Builder, to apply your strengths. Your web browser Internet Explorer is not supported, and you may experience difficulties while browsing this site. Please use an alternative browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Become Aware Of Your Strength. Understand what self-regulation is all about so you can begin recognizing it in yourself and others. What is Self-Regulation?

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Which virtue is this strength? Self-Regulation is a strength within the virtue category of temperance, one of six virtues that subcategorize the 24 strengths.

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