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No Protection: A Prisoner's True Story
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I told him that I had no money; I did not have anything. He said to me that he did not need my money, he needed me. After that Nkosi said that he got new people to hang out with and they were the same age as him. Nkosi says he was randomly beaten, mocked and he claims that he was also stabbed with a spoon during a fight. You could get beaten, gang raped or get robbed. I cannot recall for how long it happened but afterwards they just left me there and said nothing. Those were the people I shared my cell with. When I reported the matter, one of the wardens said that this is prison not home.

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After the incident, he realised that the best thing to do for his survival was to sleep with whomever. I did not get any beatings because I was protected. I slept with men privately. My friends in prison did not know. They later respected me because of the people I knew. My younger brother was sentenced to 15 years for murder in and was in his second year when he attempted suicide twice and succeeded the third time. On one of my last visits to see him, he told me how scared he was for his life and jail was the most horrible place.

He told me he could be raped, bitten and forced to do things he did not want to do and wardens did not care. He told of inhumane treatment he received. I tried to encourage him but he had no hope, he wanted out and for him the choice was to kill himself. The "correctional services" must be exactly that but they are the opposite, those hellholes are the ideal place for injustice and more crime to take place. I don't care who says what about prisoners at the end of the day they are also human and while they are still alive we should never give up on them and give them to the dogs, they should be given a chance to truly rehabilitate and heal so that they can live a productive life when they come out.

Instead they come out more damaged and not rehabilitated; feeding them back to society, and we expect them to be 'normal'. Something must give, all public service departments must strive to do better; school, health, etc.

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The standards are appalling. I am now 56 years old and went to prison at the age of 19 awiating trial for culpable homicide. John drank. She later convinced prosecutors to drop the charges. John propped a metal folding chair up against a window, climbed up, popped out the screen, and made his way inside. This happened several times. Stolen items included a Pandora charm necklace and an iPod, as well as nickels, dimes, and quarters from a change jar they left the pennies behind.

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They also stole a. John later said he was drunk during the break-in. She called the police, who came and picked it up. John decided to plead guilty, figuring he would only get a short stint in a juvenile facility.

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But John had turned 17 by the time of the third home invasion, and in Michigan that meant he would automatically be prosecuted as an adult. In , a 17 year-old prisoner named Rodney Hulin Jr.

When correctional officers cut him down, Hulin was comatose, and he died four months later. Hulin had been raped, beaten, and forced to perform oral sex within three days of his arrival at the unit.

A transgender woman talks about life in a male prison

He asked to be placed in protective custody and was turned down. After his suicide, a picture of his small shoulders and thin face circulated on major news networks and Hulin became a symbol of two related phenomena.

What it’s like being a man raped in prison

Sex in the Cell (Gay Prison Erotic Story) - Kindle edition by Felicity McBean. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. I was raped in prison by a group of gang members belonging to the notorious Latin Kings. They turned me into a gay sex slave and raped me over and over. Here, you get thrown into a foot cell with a concrete bed and dim light. . If you have a real life story you would like to share, make your pitch to.

The other was prison rape. It was widely known that younger, smaller inmates were at constant risk of sexual assault. He becomes a slave in the fullest sense of the term. Reports about prison rape by advocacy groups led to occasional efforts by federal lawmakers to address the problem. The report included harrowing first-person accounts. PREA was passed unanimously.

Rape in the American Prison

The lawmakers and advocates who pushed the law to passage hoped it would create standards to protect particular classes of prisoners. Recent news reports on PREA have focused almost exclusively on the plight of transgender and gay inmates, but originally the spotlight was on a much larger population: the young and inexperienced. Struckman-Johnson served on the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission, which formed as a requirement of the law.

The commission held a series of public hearings , and one of the first to testify was Steven Babbitt, who had entered an adult prison at age 18 for a non-violent theft. After multiple rapes, he had found an inmate to protect him from others in exchange for an exclusive right to sex. This inmate referred to him as Stephanie and forced him to wear makeup and shave his legs.

It was not a rare scenario. It is impossible to know how many of the teenagers sent to adult prisons in recent years have been sexually assaulted, in part because so many of them have been afraid to report. Rape outside of prison is known to be under-reported, and the same is true within prison walls, especially because prisoners face the possibility of retaliation by both correctional staff and other prisoners.

Some corrections officials have pointed out that sexual assaults regularly occur in juvenile facilities as well as in adult ones. Citing that statistic, some members of the commission initially argued for a blanket ban on putting anyone under 18 in an adult facility. Today, year-olds are automatically tried as adults in nine states, while year-olds automatically face adult charges in North Carolina and New York. And you must ask Congress to provide it. If they fail to do so or simply refuse to certify their compliance, as the governors of seven states have done, they stand to lose 5 percent of their grant funding from the DOJ.

While most states, including Michigan, are still assuring federal authorities that they are addressing prison rape, prisoners remain at risk. The second time David raped him, John says David held a homemade weapon to his throat. It was a toothbrush, wired up with four or five shaving razors. Then, one morning around 6 a. He could see that it contained meat sticks and bags of chips. These kinds of exchanges were common; he figured the other prisoner might be trading the food for the use of his cell as a quiet place for tattooing or some other illicit activity.

Transgender inmate Deborah - Louis Theroux Behind Bars - BBC

Official policy forbade prisoners from visiting other cells, but officers frequently looked the other way. His cellmate was in bed. Feeling greasy after his kitchen shift, John started to undress so he could take a shower. As he took off his pants, he saw the mesh bag of food. He looked over and realized the man in the bed was not David. It was the prisoner who had handed over the bag of food.

This prisoner had a jar of Vaseline, but it did not do much; after he left, John found blood on his clothes. John says he was raped several more times by both his cellmate and strangers. He was forced to perform oral sex, and he still remembers brushing his teeth twice to get the taste out of his mouth. He never told medical staff about his anal bleeding because he felt embarrassed, though because of a foot injury he was able to get painkillers.

John would later be asked why he did not tell correctional staff, since in theory they could have taken steps to protect him. He assumed the staff knew what was happening. From their station at the end of the hall, the officers would see men going in and out of his cell and they would not intervene.